Vacant Home Staging

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Your potential buyers find it difficult to visualize their life in an empty, vacant house... make it a HOME for them.

I love the smell of brick and paint! To me, it is the smell of a new dwelling, new design possibilities and new challenges! But this is just me. Not many people view this the same. In fact to many, these smells present a problem and not a challenge. Well, if this describes how you feel, then we are the perfect solution for you.

At home staging Phoenix, we take on vacant homes and stage them for you. We do this to make breaking them in all the more easy for you. We present you with possibilities of what your house could look like, give your ideas of how best to make use of the spaces provided and best of all, help you settle into the idea of living in the new house. How do we do this?

Well, our team of experienced home stagers come in and check out the new dwelling. We take into account every detail including the architecture of the house, the layout of the inside of the house as well as small details like how the windows let in natural light and how the artificial lighting lands on the house.

Our professional home staging photographers take all this into account to help set up the graphic layout and staging furniture. We then piece together a few ideas and present them to you.
Once designs and budget are approved, we then get to work to present the perfect set up.

‚ÄčThe beauty of this is, we help you create savvy staging AZ that will help you fetch amazing prices if you look to sell your home.