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Life comes with different stages and cycles. There a lot of decisions that we make and each has some impact on our lives. One of the most difficult decisions that most people face is selling their homes.

​The current situation in the property market is quite competitive and as you will need to find a unique solution. Phoenix home staging is one of the ways that will ease this decision and cause you to make a good sale.

We have a team of professionals that are committed to ensuring that your home is well presented. We will find the best ways to stage your home so as to ensure that you are able to get the highest price.

Home Staging Professionals of Mesa, AZ

There are quite a number Mesa AZ home staging companies in Arizona and they each have their way of doing things. In our case, our secret weapon is the team of experts that we have. We have the best team of certified home stagers in Arizona. Staging takes so much more than designing, as you would need to organize the furnishings and staging furniture. With our skilled experts, we will highlight every single detail to showcase your home in its totality. As such, our process is quite comprehensive and we will take a number of perspectives into consideration so as to see that everything comes out in the best way.

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You can be sure that the best minds in the Mesa home staging industry are here with us and this is why we will give you the best service. From designers to photographers and even home stagers in Arizona, we ensure that we give you the best crew and this is what makes home staging Arizona a worthwhile investment. Before starting the process, we will take photos and once we are done with the process, we also take photos so that you can compare them.

If your home needs some repairs and upgrades, not to worry, we have skilled craftsmen who will handle different aspects of repairs. Any task that we undertake is executed with the best professionalism. We have painters who will use their artistic skills to bring out the best features of your home. We will help you with the color selection and choose the right shade to fit in with your furniture and fittings. All these we do as part of the home staging AZ process so as to give your competitors a run for their money.

Do you know the impression you create is what determines how fast you will sell your home and for what price? Arizona home staging eliminates any weaknesses and highlights the positive aspects of your home. Ultimately, you will love what we do as you will easily recoup the money that you use for staging.

Our Services

We are full service home staging Gilbert AZ and Mesa AZ company and we have an interest of meeting the expectations of each of our clients. Our services are designed such that you will find the perfect package to suit your needs appropriately. We are committed to providing custom services and all we will strive to stay within your budget. Here are some of the main services that we have to offer:

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Vacant Home Staging

A good number of people buy homes or build with the intention to sell. When you have a great structure and you are trying to sell it, most buyers cannot see its true value. Home staging Arizona is what paints the full picture and shows them what the home is capable to offer. We are glad to trigger such emotions so as to make it easier for them to make an offer. Studies show that over 90% of people are not able to visualize how they would live in the home, when it is vacant. This is our strength and even by simply looking at the photos, the buyers can tell the space that is available in the home.

When you invite us to stage an empty house, we will start by evaluating it so that we can pick the best furnishings to use. You do not have to worry about renting out items to stage your home since we have a large inventory of items and we will make your home have a warm and inviting appeal.

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Occupied Home Staging

Are you looking to sell your home, while still living in it? We have occupied home staging Mesa services and this is for your convenience. We will use the items that you have in your home and reorganize them. We have a way of being able to depersonalize the house so that anyone who looks at it is able to like it right away. The partial staging entails highlighting just some rooms and parts of your home. We will pick some of the best spots of each room and use them for the staging purposes.

The only thing that we will eliminate is those that have a personal touch like heirlooms, portraits and other personal items. The ideal is to make sure that the buyer feels comfortable visiting your home, without feeling like they are invading your personal space.

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Re-design Services

The other option that we will give you is redesign staging Mesa AZ and this is ideal, if you are on a budget. In this case, we will reconfigure the design and move around some items so as to have a design that is appealing to the buyers. We will update your home so as to be in the same market trends of the property market. We have a great team of designers who will look at your home with an artistic eye and ensure that every detail of your home is well-articulated.

Over and above, our home staging Mesa AZ services are designed to give you ultimate satisfaction. We will do everything that we can, to ensure that your home sells for maximum profits. Talk to one of our experienced experts and we will be happy to give you the right package that suits your needs. We are the best home stagers in Arizona that you will find in this region.

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