Re-Design Staging Consultation

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Sell your home for top dollar even if you are living in it. Ask us how and we can help!

Change can be very refreshing when given in to. It creates room for new possibilities and makes you feel like you can conquer new worlds. Now imagine giving your house this kind of power? This is what remodeling home redesign staging does.

At Phoenix home staging, we know that sometimes, in order to sell your house at the best rate, you need to rejuvenate its face so to speak. So what we come in to do is to find out its best features so we can highlight them.

​Since in most remodeling cases the owner’s belongings are still in the house, we also look for what can be used best to do the staging. We go for an impersonal look and as such, we select items that are not too personal.

We then choose the best themes to work with to create the perfect phoenix home staging. Home staging Phoenix is locally based so we know what works best with the local market. We therefore work to achieve this in the best way possible.

​In some cases, the facelift requires a little make-up to complete it. In such cases, we do a fresh coat of paint and probably add some staging furniture phoenix to finish off the look. Since we look to do a full 360 facelift, we also look at the front yard and porch to ensure the entire look is complete. At the end of the process, the house ends up with a fresh new look that makes it market-ready!