Occupied Home Staging

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Sell your home for top dollar even if you are living in it. Ask us how and we can help!

There are situations in life that demand that we face up and switch our usual way of doing things to accommodate them. Such a situation would be if you had to sell a house while you are still living in it. It gets even harder when you have no idea how to get it on the market while all your belongings, and you, are still in it. This is where you need to employ a home redesign staging company that can offer you a good solution.

At Phoenix home staging, we understand such a situation and offer you the partial home staging option. With this option, you can keep your belongings in the house, stay in it and still get to stage it and put it up for sale. How do we achieve this? We, with your help, choose a few choice rooms to stage. These rooms will represent the rest of the house in the photos and as such, need to look perfect.

The first thing we do after identifying the rooms is to declutter them. We take out anything that fills up too much space.

Space creates room for creativity and the more space there is, the higher the possibilities of achieving savvy staging Phoenix AZ. The next step involves taking out anything that is too personal.

​We then select a few items from your collection that can be used to stage the choice rooms. We may also need to paint the rooms again, just to give them a fresh facelift!