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About Us

There is something about doing something that gives you satisfaction. It makes the work well worth the while and adds fuel to your everyday work. This is more so when there are people whose lives are changed by what you do. This is the drive behind Phoenix staging companies.

We are a company that believes in the full experience of customer satisfaction derived from a job done. For years now, we have worked to provide a phoenix home staging experience that leaves the client happy, and sure to come back when the same need arrives. In case you are wondering what home staging is all about, let us break it down for you.

Home staging is the preparation of a house for sale by making it feel and look like what a potential client would want to live in. we achieve this by first of all evaluating the house, taking in every single detail both strength and weakness, and then maximizing on its best qualities. In order to achieve an even effect on all clients, we go for neutral colors and trendy yet calm designs. This makes it easy for our designs to cut across the board when it comes to home décor tastes.

At home staging Phoenix, we offer you a few packages that are designed to ensure that no one is left behind. These include:

  • Vacant home staging which describes staging a house that is not lived in and is empty, or one that is new that needs to be put on the market.


  • Occupied Home Staging which is suited for a house that is occupied, but still needs parts of the house to be staged.


  • Redesign home staging which is pretty similar to occupied home staging only here, we make full use of what the house owner already has in their home. We simply come up with new designs that will be less personal yet more appealing to the general taste of the current buyers.

Since we strive for excellence, we employ nothing but the best talent possible to achieve perfectly savvy staging in AZ. We have a team of home designers whose credentials outweigh your general folder!

savvy staging az

They come loaded with skill, blended with talent and experience to ensure you get nothing but the absolute best. Beyond this, we have a team of photographers whose eye for detail is keener than any eagle at prey. They ensure that not a single detail is left out from the lens.

​This then gives the designers a decent head start in determining how best to show case the house. Our home staging technique goes beyond the indoors. As such, we have in our employ a team of landscape artists, painters and even repairmen to help salvage any situation that we may be presented with. If you would like to learn more about our services and business, visit contact us page.

So why would you look any further for the perfect phoenix home staging company? We got you, we got you good!